Worldmark Bass Lake is located just a few miles southwest of Yosemite in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

Bass Lake is a beautiful lake, with tall pines surrounding the lake. There is fantastic fishing, boating, camping, skiing and much more as far as activities in and on Bass Lake. The Worldmark by Wyndham Bass Lake property is the perfect resort for you and your family. Bass Lake has a 4 star resort in the Pines Village, Ducey on the lake. Bass Lake is Near Yosemite National Park, Oakhurst, Coarsegold and of course Fresno and Clovis, California. The Fresno Airport (FAT) is a local airport with rental cars, and the 99 freeway, along with the 41 freeway give convenient safe travel year round. There are 4 four distinct seasons at Bass Lake, so be prepared for warm summers, gorgeous falls and springs, and bring snow tire chains for snow in the winter. Dining is renowned as fine dining at Duceys Village on the lake. Yosemite national Park is nearby.

Imagine a day when your family wakes up at the Worldmark by Wyndham Bass Lake resort. Of course, the kids are all excited and come in a jump in be with mom and dad. They know that they are in for a great day. There are plans for boating and wake boarding on the lake and a picnic lunch barbeque. You all have a great breakfast at the Forks Resort, which has been around for generations now. You find that the boat rental was much easier than you planned and the have an inner tube for rent. After tubing and swimming for a few hours in the 90 degree weather you beach the boat and setup for the barbeque.

Everyone loves the picnic and has the most wonderful day on the water. The kids are asking you to go faster and faster in the boat as they enjoy the tubing fun. The youngest is saying that this is the best vacation ever and everyone seems to agree. You wind up later that night at Duceys on the Lake restaurant with the whole family and are surprised at the quality of the restaurant and dishes. You understand why they are so highly rated and considered to have the best chefs. After dinner the whole family goes back to the wonderful rooms at the Worldmark by Wyndham resort which seems like fine hotel suites. The kids are darker from the sun, yet their smiles are priceless. Can’t seem to wipe the smiles off of their faces for the whole trip. The whole family ends up on the King size bed in the parents room discussing the whole days activities. What a perfect day!

The next day you get up and make the short trip to Yosemite National Park. You go to see the giant redwoods, the Yosemite Valley, the waterfalls, the Dome, and much much more. The family has lunch at Bridle Vails Falls on the trail. You see a bear cub crossing through the trails and the people there. The bear is the star attraction for a few minutes, until it leaves. So you end up with the whole family again on the king sized bed talking about the day and how wonderful your trip is while staying at the Worldmark Bass Lake.

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