Frequent Questions and Answers about buying a Worldmark by Wyndham resale membership

Question: Are there any differences in buying a Worldmark membership on the resale market versus buying directly from Worldmark by Wyndham?

Answer:  When you buy on the resale market you receive all the benefits of the Worldmark membership except one – you are not eligible for Travelshare.  Travelshare is a Wyndham program that provides Worldmark owners a few extra benefits outside of the Worldmark system including the ability to trade their Worldmark credits for Wyndham resorts and vacations.  Travelshare can not be purchased on the resale market and is not transferable except to family members.  Thus, if you want Travelshare you will need to purchase it directly from Wyndham at the full retail price of $2.00- $3.05 per annual credit.  Wyndham requires owners to buy at least 5,000 credits and requires additional monthly fees.

Question: If I already have a Worldmark account and want to add to it, will I have two different accounts or one?

Answer: It’s your choice, but most Worldmark owners choose to have one larger account as opposed to two smaller ones because the maintenance fees are less per credit for a larger account.

Question: If I want to purchase and combine a membership that has a different anniversary date than my current account how does that work?

Answer: When you combine an account into your existing account you keep your current anniversary date.

Question:  Is TravelShare worth the 700% premium upfront costs and extra monthly fees?

Answer:  See our blog post that goes into great depth about this question.

Question: I was told that I had to have Travelshare in order to trade my Worldmark credits through exchange companies like RCI and Interval International. Is this true?

Answer: No, that is false. ANY Worldmark owner can exchange through RCI (, Interval International ( or many other exchange companies. You simply need to purchase an inexpensive membership in them. For example RCI and II have frequently run specials for Worldmark owners. The full price is just $99 per year to join RCI and $99 per year to join Interval International.