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Worldmark Oceanside

The Worldmark Oceanside resort is my dad’s favorite resort.  He loves walking along the pier, interacting with people and dreaming of owning some of the luxury yachts that call Worldmark Oceanside their home.

Most people who want to visit Disneyland will choose the Anaheim resort due to its location right next to the resort.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we love being across the street from Mickey Mouse and the gang. However, many of our clients prefer to stay at the Worldmark Oceanside resort because it can cost less than half the credits as the Worldmark Anaheim resort.  For our family, we would rather spend two weeks at Worldmark Oceanside versus one week at the Worldmark Anaheim resort.  What about you?

As you might’ve suspected, dining in Oceanside includes plenty of seafood.  The area is checkered with exquisite sushi restaurants and seafood houses.  You’ll also come across dozens of cafes and pizzerias suitable for the whole family at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Worldmark Oceanside is about 40 miles from Disneyland and 40 miles from San Diego.  You’ll be able to plan your day trips with that in mind.   Because Oceanside is home to many who work at Camp Pendleton Marine Base, the vibe tends to be more grounded than its touristy neighbors. The biggest selling point is probably the six miles of beachfront sand to plant yourself on a towel and soak in the sunshine of Southern California.  Surfing is a serious past time in Oceanside, probably not for the beginner surfer who would be safer at Mission Bay.  Home to the West Coast Pro-Am and National Scholastic Surf Association (NSSA) each June, Oceanside’s waves contend with the most advanced professionals in surfing.   Still mesmerizing to watch them.

Also worthy of your time is a stop at the largest, historic Mission San Luis Rey de Francia.  After the Mexican government dismantled the missions set up in Southern California, San Luis fell into ruin.  There are remains of haunting, adobe church walls in addition to original religious art pieces and artifacts on display for visitors.

Worldmark Oceanside Timeshare Property      Ph: (760) 721-0890

The property was updated in 2011 to feature new amenities and paint decor.   Clients are raving about the upgrade and outstanding service by the staff. The beautiful beach is exceptionally close to this property for easy walking access.   Might take you five minutes on foot.  Because of its location, you will see breathtaking sunsets from the harbor.   This property is a definite must if you crave the down time to relax, unwind, recharge and appreciate the awe of oceanic wonder.   Oceanside’s large pool, jacuzzi hot tub and  easy parking are among the most popular client draws.   That’s why so many visitors like to repeat their stay at our Oceanside location every year.  With a basketball court, tennis court and game room right here, it would be an easy decision to stay onsite for the duration of your trip.  The units at Worldmark Oceanside range from Studio to spacious Penthouse Three Bedroom.  For exact descriptions on these units, call 360.876.4777 right away.

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