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Sell WorldMark

Are you interested in selling your Worldmark By Wyndham Timeshare?

Sometimes things happen that make the maintenance fees and housekeepings fees too much to handle. In those times you need a trusted, honest company with integrity to help you sell your timeshare. Call 360.340.6413 right now or click here to get started selling your Worldmark Timeshare.

After being in the Worldmark the Club resale business for 19 years, our clients have told us they have two major requirements in selling their vacation ownership.  They are:

1) A team that understands the Worldmark system with a long history of quickly, effectively and legally transferring Worldmark accounts. As Worldmark owners for over 20 years we have vast experience in every aspect of the Worldmark program.

2) A Reputable Company they can trust.

It is our goal to be the number one Worldmark the Club reseller in both of these vital areas.

In the history of our company we have never had a complaint and work diligently to please our clients.  We are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and work daily with the Worldmark Transfers Department to broker your Worldmark the Club timeshare.  We have been told that we are the highest rated timeshare company in the nation per the BBB.

What can you expect from other brokers?

  • They will all say they can be trusted; however, make sure to check them out with the Better Business Bureau.  You need to make sure they are reputable.  Many of our competitors are EXCELLENT companies with great business ethics.  Others simply can’t be trusted – do your homework!
  • Commissions.  Most sales people at real estate brokers are paid via a commission.  If you are offered a certain amount of money make sure you get in writing exactly what you will be paid AFTER commissions and all fees.  We put our prices in writing.  There are no hidden fees, commissions or surprises.
  • Some will promise you more money as long as you send them up-front cash.  Our warning to you is NEVER send funds to any broker or individual.  Once they have your money they have no motivation to sell your membership.  
  • We want to make sure to protect our clients.  Let us help you from being scammed by clicking here to see the Top 3 ways to protect yourself.

Why list your Worldmark the Club membership with World Timeshare Club? (Click Here)

We hope you can see that we are determined to earn your business. Our desire is to provide you a reliable transaction at the best price in the fastest time frame.

Sell Worldmark