Scam Alert!

Let us help you avoid ALL scams!

Here at Timeshare Properties Inc. and World Timeshare Club one of our goals is to protect our clients. We have been notified that scammers are contacting people claiming to be us or other reputable companies. Don’t fall for it. Here are three guaranteed ways to know that you are being scammed:

1) They contact you!

Scammers purchase phone lists and contact you claiming to have a buyer for your timeshare. Rule #1 – If they contact you, it’s a scam. If someone calls you, hang up immediately. We NEVER contact people first and use mailing lists.

2) They ask sellers to send funds upfront!

No reputable real estate company requires sellers to send upfront funds. Rule #2 – If they ask you for upfront funds, it’s a scam. We NEVER ask sellers for upfront funds.

3) They ask you to wire funds or send cash!

Sending money through companies like MoneyGram, Western Union or new scammer favorite Walmart Green Dot Money Cards is just like sending cash. They can’t be traced. Don’t fall for it. Rule #3 – If you are asked to wire funds or send funds through MoneyGram, Western Union or Walmart Green Dot Money Cards, it’s a scam.

A few details about Timeshare Properties Inc. and World Timeshare Club.  We are a small company with just two employees – Henri Moreau and Gloria Devin.  We only buy and sell Worldmark timeshares.  If you are contacted by a company claiming to be us but they use different names and/or try to get you to send funds for any timeshare, hang up.  It is a scam.

Avoid John Morgan & James Rodriguez

The two major scam artists the timeshare industry is warning people about go by the names John Morgan and James Rodriguez.  If you are contacted by these individuals or any company contacting you or asking you to send upfront fees of any kind avoid them completely.  We want to make sure to protect our clients.

More Resources to help you from being scammed

The best articles we have seen in regards to how to avoid a timeshare scam come from a great website run by the Timeshare Users Group.  Click on the following links to learn how to avoid all the major scams:

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By the way, Timeshare Users Group is a fantastic resource for every timeshare owner.  Feel free to visit their site at  The $15 yearly fee is worth every penny.