Henri, what is your favorite Worldmark resort?

People ask me this question all the time.   And to be honest with you it’s hard to give a straight answer because it all depends on… my mood.  It really does.  I’m not the person that wants to go to the same place each year at the same time.  I like a variety of choices which is one of the main reasons why I chose to buy Worldmark 13 years ago.

There are times when I want to take a few friends and conquer a city. There are other times, when I need some “ALONE TIME” and seek out a quiet place where I can wrap myself in a blanket and read a good book.  There are times when I want to escape to the desert and soak up the sun and other times when I want to lace up my snow boots and inner tube down a mountain.

Having said this, though, I do have three resorts I am finding myself wanting to spend more and more time at.

My first favorite is Depoe Bay, Oregon.  I will NEVER get tired of watching and listening to crashing waves just a few feet away from my door.  This stunning resort is my first choice when I want to get away and hibernate.

My next go-to resort is The Camlin in Seattle.  When I need some big city time, I hop on the ferry from Bremerton and land in Seattle in less than an hour.  From the ferry terminal, it’s a short walk to see the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Sounders or Seattle Seahawks.  I love sports and having a historic resort in the heart of Seattle is awesome.  I also enjoy taking my mom to the 5th Avenue Theater or the Paramount Theater which are just around the corner from the Camlin.

Being water-logged in the Northwest can get a little old since it rains about 9 months a year here, so there are many times when I just need some sun!  My new favorite resort for soaking up some rays is the Indio resort.  My dad and I just recently took a trip there and LOVED IT.  They have a relaxing lazy river and a ton of activities for the whole family.  In addition, since the resort is huge you can often find great deals in Indio using your Worldmark inventory specials or bonus time.  I will be spending more time in Indio.

So Depoe Bay, the Camlin and Indio are three of my favorite Worldmark resorts.  What about you?  Which ones do you like the best and why? This blog is a great place for others to hear your recommendations for them and their families.  Please let Gloria and I know how we can serve you.


Henri Moreau
World Timeshare Club