WorldMark Kihei

WorldMark at Kihei is overflowing with panoramic views and access to some of Hawaii’s top attractions. It’s located in the tourist island of Maui and packs a great punch.

Resort Features and Amenities

This luxury resort offers villa-styled rooms that are setup with both air conditioning and ceiling fans. The location has a temperate climate, and numerous visitors rely on ceiling fans to cool down around the natural atmosphere. Open the doors to a spacious balcony, which overlooks the ocean – just a block away.

And if you’re needing fresh water to swim in, the pool and hot tub are alternatives to the salty seas. Diversity is the spice of life, and this is what you get when visiting Kihei – in Maui.

Each room gives access to cable television and Wi-Fi, with a surcharge in place for internet use.

Sleep in or head out in the town, but the resort offers fitness, recreation and grilling centers. If you’ve decidedly unplugged from all gadgets, but need to send a quick email, a shared computer room is available.

Local Attractions

Kihei is still a developing small town in traditional Maui. If you ask any tourist, the native people are friendly, fun and colorful.


  • Volcano Watching – there are two volcanos sitting on the island of Maui, and tourists for years have went out of their comfort zones to hike trails on the mountainsides. Your adventurous side will erupt while taking it all in – in stride. Ask the concierge about tour guides available.
  • Whale Watching – you’ll have a whale of good times watching nature take its course with whales migrating during the wintertime – usually December through to February.
  • Helicopter Tours – get an exhilarating bird’s eye view of the island, with a chartered tour.
  • Tropical Plantation – the land of Maui is fertile, as it should be with its two volcanos. Riveting through the island are fresh and colorful fruits, which you can taste and see firsthand how it’s all grown at the Maui Tropical Plantation. Tour buses are available every day to ride through vast fields bursting with ripe and juicy tropical fruits, including mangos, pineapple, papayas and more.
  • Wine Tasting – at Tedeshi Vineyards promises a fine taste to novices or connoisseurs of wine. The colossal taste of old-world barrels can be sampled from fine and aged wine dating back from the 1800s.
  • Maui Festivals – just about any location you visit outside the US for WorldMark by Wyndham vacations, each will have their own annual festivities, not excluding Maui.


Watch onion, rodeo or aloha festivals that are scheduled at specific times throughout the year.


  • Museums and Parks – trams are available to tour historic sites and artifacts from the 1800s and 1900s.

The closest airport is located 14 miles away at Kahului. Find out how to get from the resort to the airport and back, by calling the front desk.

Say Aloha to a relaxing beach escape. Worldmark at Kihei is thrilling, as it is relaxing – so call 360.876.4777 and ask for discounts.