WorldMark Bison Ranch

Bring the real life world of the Wild West to life by investing in WorldMark at Bison Ranch. There, you’ll see:

  • Full Size Tepees – where you can camp out. See the local activities below.
  • National Forests – that are located less than ten miles away. The most popular include Apache and Sitgreaves, where overnight camping is allowed. View the USDA Forest Service for more information.
  • Cowboys and Indians – the relics of times past are still visible today.

Features of WorldMark at Bison Ranch

There’s so much offered at the WorldMark Bison Ranch, especially full multi-room suites, which feels like home away from home. Included in the suites are:

  • Private Balconies – to catch a breath of fresh, crisp morning air.
  • Full Kitchens – inclusive of the essentials to store and cook foods. Get into the food fad sweeping the nation right now, by making your own, and saving hundreds – part of the deal when a timeshare at WorldMark is purchased.
  • There’s a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and even a toaster oven. Make Buffalo wings or a simple mac and cheese dinner – the option is there.
  • Washer and Dryers – are you a light traveler? If so, then one of the concerns for longer stays is how to maintain clothing. Even with housekeeping included, the convenience of washing and drying clothing quickly, in room is a luxury – when staying overnight at hotels. For wrinkle-free attire, an iron and ironing board is also included.
  • Fireplace – roast marshmallows on an open fire, or search for campfire meals online. There’s no end to what can be made, or cozy up intimately as a couple.
  • Spacious Rooms – with multiple rooms and sleeper sofas, the room has the capacity to comfortably room a half dozen – without claustrophobia setting in.
  • High Speed Internet – connect with clients on-the-go if needed, or Skype and surf the web. WorldMark knows the importance of Wi-Fi, which is why it’s available at all satellite properties.
  • Electronics – including basic phone, TV, CD and DVD players are available, in addition to free cable.


There are seasonal pools or hot tubs, as well as fishing ponds, play areas for children, and even a horseshoe pit. Get fitness on in the state-of-the-art fitness center, volleyball court or other activity centers that are littered throughout the property.

Bison Ranch, Arizona Attractions

Bend An Elbow – at the local restaurants in town. Find car rentals from Enterprise, Kayak or Hotwire. Jump online to search for prices, or simply take a road trip and tent out at the WorldMark at Bison Ranch with owned vehicles.

Canyons and Meteors – fascinated by outer space? Avid History Channel viewers will get excited to learn about sites just like Meteor Crater, which is located within driving distance. These craters hit more than 50,000 years ago.

Travel To Mexico – just a few miles south of the border is Mexico. Driving there could be considered just a stone’s throw away.

Quench your thirst for adventure in this oasis known as Worldmark at Bison Ranch by calling a representative at 360.876.4777.