We sell excess Worldmark credits and housekeeping tokens. Are you short a few credits or housekeeping tokens for your next vacation? If so, don’t worry because we can sell you excess credits (called one-time use credits) from our personal Worldmark account.

It’s a fast and easy transaction that takes just a couple of days.  Most Worldmark Owners don’t even realize that these benefits exists, but we have 12 years of experience transferring Worldmark one-time use credits. Call or email us today for availability.

If you are looking for our inventory of permanent Worldmark memberships and credits click here to visit our inventory page.


Some Credits Q & A:

Question: What is the difference from buying One-time use credits from you rather than directly through Worldmark the Club?

Answer: The biggest difference is the price.  You can purchase one-time use credits directly from Worldmark for Red Season bookings only once every four years for 8 cents each.  After that transaction, the cost is 15 cents each.  Our prices are up to 60% less.  Plus we provide fast and easy service.

Question: What in the world are housekeeping tokens, I’ve never heard of them before?

Answer: When you think of housekeeping, think room cleaning.  When you make a Worldmark reservation, you need to pay for the room to be cleaned.  For every account under 20,000 annual credits you receive one free cleaning per year.  After you use your free cleaning, you need to pay for them.  The charges to clean the room range from $56 – $155 depending on the room size.  These are per reservation, not per night.  You do not pay for housekeeping when you book bonus time or inventory specials.

By the way, at 20,000 annual credits you receive 2 free housekeeping tokens per year.  With every 10,000 additional annual credits you receive another one.  For example, 30,000 annual credit memberships receive 3 free housekeeping tokens per year.  This is one of the reasons why a 20,000 annual credit membership or higher is desired by many of our clients.

Question:  Where can I find how much housekeeping tokens cost?

Answer: Worldmark has made it easy to see what housekeeping costs.  Feel free to visit the following link to their site:

Question: If I purchase more one-time use credits from you, will my maintenance fees go up?

Answer: Not at all.  You only pay maintenance fees based on the amount of ANNUAL credits you own, not the accumulated credits that are in your account at any given time.

Question:  Let me get this straight. If I wanted to, for example, book a family reunion that requires let’s say 30,000 Worldmark credits for 3 rooms, I could call or email you and you could transfer 30,000 credits into my account in just a couple days?

Answer:  Yes, exactly!  How fun.  By the way, we get this question all the time. 🙂